Mechtech Automation Group Ireland is thrilled to announce that it has been selected as a finalist in the ‘Best Use of Robotics’ category at the IMR Manufacturing & Supply Chain Awards, which will be held in County Kildare on the 16th of September.

The awards ceremony is thought of as the pinnacle of the manufacturing and supply chain industry in Ireland and highlights the implementation of smart thinking and recognises Ireland’s capacity to deliver world class manufacturing.

The ‘Best Use of Robotics’ award will award the company that has made the best use of Robotics to maximise the competitive advantage of a manufacturing facility across Ireland.

In May of this year, John Walshe, representing Mechtech Automation Group Ireland gave a presentation on “Bespoke Automation in a Standard Format – a Smart and Connected Approach to Lights Out Manufacturing” at the Manufacturing and Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition in Dublin. The presentation explored changing trends in automation and the emergence of a ‘factory in a box’ type solution. Further, John highlighted the advantages of Bespoke Automation in a Standard Format, and how Mechtech Automation Group’s plug and play format can revolutionise your business.

For Lights Out Manufacturing, you need an automated solution. Mechtech Automation Group’s Robopod is a revolutionary plug-and-play reconfigurable robotics system, with a unique standardised platform, offering endless adaptable solutions plus the potential for rapid payback. Further, Robopod can be re-tooled and re-programmed time and time again, thereby re-deploying your capital asset and protecting your investment. If your business is ready for a Smart Factory transformation, Mechtech Automation Group Ireland can help. With over 30 years’ experience, Mechtech Automation Group Ireland, part of Mechtech Automation Group, is one of the UK and Ireland’s leading providers of standard and bespoke automated robotic solutions.