Celebrating 35 years of World Class Automation.

Established in 1988, over the last 35 years Mechtech Automation Group has built up an exceptional reputation for designing, manufacturing and delivering some of the most ingenious bespoke automated solutions on the market.

Our bespoke automation systems hold significant potential to revolutionize industries and drive growth and efficiency in businesses worldwide.

Mechtech Automation Group, incorporating Robopod, Mechatronic and MAGserv boast thought-leading thinking, coupled with the ability to offer both tailored and standard automated solutions for smart digital manufacturing.

Robopod’s flexible manufacturing systems enable you to have the building blocks of smart factories, meaning you no longer need only linear production lines. Robopod presents the opportunity to position multiple Pod’s around the factory floor in locations which best suit your production requirements, performing different tasks. Our goal is to revolutionise manufacturing processes, drive efficiency, flexibility, and agility, and ultimately pave the way for the factories of the future.

Smart factory automation solutions create adaptive, data-driven manufacturing environments that can respond and reconfigure quickly to changing market demands, delivering high-quality products efficiently.

Managing Director, Tony Parker Watkins, commented “we are thrilled to be celebrating a significant milestone for the company. It is a true testament to the commitment of our team and their consistent efforts to deliver advanced solutions for our customers. Mechtech has built a strong reputation as a leader in the automation sector and we are looking forward to the future as we continue to develop smart manufacturing solutions that revolutionise operations and production for our clients.”