Tendapod ST

Specially Tailored to revolutionise production

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Tendapod ST

Meet the Tendapod ST, a unique dual tending system enabling two processes to be tended by one robot.

Tenderpod ST is configurable with a manual load drawer system designed to manage your batch production needs.

Add in the capability for dual tending and it will revolutionise the way you work.

  • Fanuc Robot
  • Full Safety Circuit
  • Rigid Industrial Fabricated Chassis
  • Festo Pneumatics
  • Full IPC / PLC Control
  • 18 inch Full HD Multitouch HMI
  • Expert In-House Support
  • Manual Load/Unload
  • Single Side Tending
  • Dual Side Tending
  • Vision Guided Picking
  • RFID Tag Read
  • Tool Air Blast
  • Up to 9 Drawer System for 600 x 400 x 75 Euro Totes
  • Up to 6 Drawer System for 600 x 400 x 120 Euro Totes
  • Up to 4 Drawer System for 600 x 400 x 150 Euro Totes
  • Tending in Temperature Controlled Environments


  • Machine Tending
  • Grinding Machine Tending
  • CMM Tending
  • Non-Contact Inspection Tending
  • Production Line Tending
  • Laser Marking Tending

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