As was recently reported in the news, new car sales and registrations within the UK fell in 2022 to their lowest total for 30 years. However, statistics show that the demand for electric vehicles continued to increase, and accounted for almost 20% of new car sales, and surpasses the sale of diesel cars for the first time ever.

These figures come as a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) mandate is due to be enforced in 2024, meaning that car manufacturers must ensure that a certain proportion of cars they sell must be electric. Further, all new vehicles sold in the UK between 2030 and 2035 must have Significant Zero Emission Capability (SZEC), for example hybrid cars.

However, in order to accommodate the rise in popularity of electric vehicles and achieve the decarbonisation goals of the motor industry, significant upgrades to infrastructure are necessary.  The government has made a target of having 300,000 public electric charging points by 2030, which would mean 100 new charging points a day being created between now and 2030, a much higher figure than the 23 currently being built per day.

Mechtech Automation Group is proud to have a relationship with the DER-IC (Driving the Electric Revolution Industrialisation Centres) North East facility. In 2022, we provided the latest Robopod and Benchpod solutions to the DER-IC North East, to help them with their mission, concentrating on the prototyping, development, scale-up, and testing of machines and drives.

About Mechtech Automation Group and Electrification

Mechtech Automation Group is proud to deliver smart factory automation solutions that can support the electrification revolution, and decrease overall production time. Our innovative automated solutions can provide the equipment and systems needed to automate a process and to assemble and test components specifically for the electrification sector, including electric vehicles, batteries, rotors, and stators.

For over 30 years, Mechtech Automation Group has been a trusted supplier of innovative integrated automation solutions for a range of industries. Incorporating Mechatronic, Robopod, and MAGserv, Mechtech Automation Group works collaboratively with its customers to solve their manufacturing challenges through its engineering excellence, helping them to achieve their lights out manufacturing goals and operational targets in a cost and time efficient manner. Our bespoke and standard automated solutions are supported by MAGserv which offers upfront, intermediate and post -machine services that can be supplied individually or as part of a turnkey solution, depending on requirements.  These include robotic cells, automated logistics using AMRs, smart flexible manufacturing, automated assembly lines, process automation and automated testing.