John Walshe, the new Business & Development Manager at Mechtech Automation Group Ireland is presenting at the National Manufacturing and Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition, held at RDS Simmonscourt, Dublin, from the 25th to the 26th of May 2022. John joined Mechtech Automation Group in April and is responsible for our growing presence in Ireland, bringing 15 years’ experience in Robotics and Automation to the role.

John will be speaking on the Robotics and Automation stage at the event. His presentation, titled “Bespoke Automation in a Standard Format – a Smart and Connected Approach to Lights Out Manufacturing” will explore changing trends in automation and the emergence of a ‘factory in a box’ type solution. It will also propose the advantages of Bespoke Automation in a Standard Format, and how a plug and play format can revolutionise your business.


The National Manufacturing and Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition promises to be a hugely enjoyable event, featuring an impressive line up of manufacturing leaders, academics, and government agencies who will engage in a blend of debates and key note speeches. With supply chain delays impacting every corner of the manufacturing industry, and the effect of Brexit and Covid on international borders, this exhibit promises to provide unique and cutting edge insights into solutions.

The topic of Lights Out Manufacturing is a key step towards the ‘set it and forget it’ goal of many business owners. Lights Out Manufacturing is a way of referring to a factory and production line which is run by fully automated technology, with little to no human intervention. The goal of this is to simply set the machines running, turn off the lights, and leave for the day, safe in the knowledge that your automated production line will still fabricate products, but with reduced human error, accidents and injuries, costs, and wastages due to faults and quality issues.

For Lights Out Manufacturing, you need an automated solution. Mechtech Automation Group’s Robopod is a revolutionary plug-and-play reconfigurable robotics system, with a unique standardised platform, offering endless adaptable solutions plus the potential for rapid payback. Further, Robopod can be re-tooled and re-programmed time and time again, thereby re-deploying your capital asset and protecting your investment.

To learn more about and register for what promises a hugely enjoyable and informative event, click here: National Manufacturing Event Conference & Exhibition