Simple and efficient


Specifically designed to have a compact footprint, Tendapod is simple and efficient.

Load up the four-drawer system with your production and Tendapod does the rest. It automatically loads and unloads a wide variety of machining and inspection systems, and delivers increased productivity and efficiency.

Machine Tending Solutions


The latest innovation for machine tending, Tendapod removes the reliance on manual tending, enabling manufacturing and metrology machines to be fully optimised.

Optimising a machine’s capability can greatly increase its speed and productivity resulting in an enhanced return on investment and providing a step closer to achieving “lights out” manufacturing.

Tendapod System

Tendapod utilises the same advanced IP/PLC control system and large touch screen HMI as the rest of the Robopod range.
  • Fanuc Robot
  • Full Safety Circuit
  • Rigid Industrial Fabricated Chassis
  • Pneumatics Kit
  • Full IPC / PLC Control
  • 18 inch Full HD Multitouch HMI
  • Expert In-House Support

Tendapod Configuration


  • Manual Load/Unload
  • Single Side Tending
  • Vision Guided Picking
  • Tool Air Blast
  • 4 Drawer System for 300 x 400 Euro Totes
  • Tending in Temperature Controlled Environments

Tendapod Application


  • Machine Tending
  • Grinding Machine Tending
  • CMM Tending
  • Non-Contact Inspection Tending
  • Production Line Tending
  • Laser Marking Tending

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