Portable & Reconfigurable Assembly Bench

Intelligent, ergonomically designed, adjustable and portable

An intelligent approach to manual assembly.

Robopod Bench systems are at the heart of our new range of semi and fully configurable assembly solutions.

POD Size
  • 1000mm (w) x 1000mm (d)
  • 1800mm (w) x 1000mm (d)

An intelligent DC screwdriver with torque & angle feedback ensures a “no faults forward” assembly of your product.

All workstations use the same PC based control system and 18.5-inch Touchscreen interface as the rest of the Robopod range.

Interchangeable Plug & Play fixture nests with expandable I/O are re-configurable for a range of technologies including, scanners, printers, machine vision and many more for your application.

Rigid Industrial Fabricated Chassis

Sequence Display

Overhead Lighting

18 inch Full HD Multitouch HMI

Interchangeable Fixturing

Facility for Additional I/O on Plug & Play Fixtures

Display OEE Performance

Remote Communication

Plug & Socket Connections for Fixtures

Display Cycle Time & Part Output

Ergonomic Work Height 

Data Gathering – Integral Database for Logging of all Data

Instructional Videos Embeded into HMI

Manual & Spares Documents on HMI

Data Logging including Operator Login, Auto Logout After Shifts

Fanuc CRX Cobots

Scanning & Printing

Manual Press Units

Poke Yoke Fixturing

Deprag Automatic Screwdrivers

Manual Assembly

Assisted Assembly

Collaborative Operations

Machine Tending

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