Simulation is a key technology for developing planning and exploratory models to optimise decision making as well as the design and operations of complex and smart production systems. It also enables manufacturers to evaluate the risks, costs, implementation barriers, impact on operational performance, and roadmap toward Industry 4.0.

In this blog we look at the many ways simulation can benefit manufacturers.

Reduction of risk to your investment

By consulting a simulation, manufacturers can gain a better understanding of the product they are ordering. This insight is vital, as it would confirm the necessity of your automated robotic solution before the purchasing stage and identify any fundamental flaws in the idea. The simulation can also be used to ‘sell internally’ to your board, clearly showing the advantages of an automated solution.

Environmentally friendly

By utilising simulation in the pre-manufacturing state, the machine can be streamlined, ensuring that it fits your exact requirements and expectations. This means that this trial and error process can occur before the machine itself is built and installed, meaning that parts which may have been manufactured for the first iteration of the machine that would not be necessary for the final version of the machine are not manufactured, reducing overall waste.

Improves Health and Safety

Simulation can also be used to detect risks during the pre-production phase. This means that any risks can be identified and removed before members of your workforce are in contact with the machine, reducing the risk of any potential injury to your staff.

Reduce Potential Downtime

Simulation can be used to accurately predict machine maintenance needs, and, therefore, reduce unplanned downtime. By allowing any issues to be identified early on, solutions can be conceived, preventing downtime of the actual machine once it is built. Further, simulations can be used to give a better understanding of the machine before it is built and installed into your facility, allowing you and your staff to get to grips with its potential needs.

Cost Effective

By effectively using a simulation in the pre-production stage, manufacturers are able to study their automated production process before it is built and installed, allowing them to be certain that the bespoke solution is the right fit for their business.

Higher Quality Final Product

Digital prototyping through simulation allows you to have higher quality final product designs, allowing you to be confident that the finished product meets your exact requirements. As mentioned above, any troubleshooting can occur in the prototyping phase, ensuring that when the finished product is installed in your facility, it is ready to go.

Reduced Commissioning Time

As troubleshooting and checks can occur during the digital prototyping phase that would typically only occur once the machine is built, the manufacturing and installation process times can be greatly reduced. Further, the testing process that takes place during the installation process can occur using the simulation, meaning that once the machine is installed, it can be set up and start working for you immediately.


Mechtech Automation Group’s robotic solutions are proven through simulation as part of MAGserv’s pre-sales service. This ensures that the robotic solution which is installed in your manufacturing facility meets your exact requirements. Mechtech Automation Group is an automation solution company with over 30 years’ experience in providing smart factory automation solutions. We can help your company reach its lights out manufacturing goals, establishing fully automated production lines which ultimately increases production, efficiency, and quality.

We know and understand Automation and First of a Kind/Bespoke machinery; our team has many years of knowledge and experience on our side. However, each one of our customers has a different and unique process and product that requires consideration when we look to design an automated solution. As part of our technical consultancy, we offer full feasibility and concept studies, which includes software simulation development, allowing us to reduce project risks and increase the success of the final automated solution. We work collaboratively with our customers to ensure that the perfect product is specified, designed, developed, and delivered.