Mechtech Automation Group is exhibiting at the MACH show next week, the UK’s biggest event for inspiring, innovating and connecting manufacturing. Taking place from 4-8th April 2022, MACH is poised to be the destination of choice for engineers and manufacturers, bringing together the best of UK manufacturing under one roof, to see live working equipment.

The team from Mechtech Automation Group will be demonstrating Robopod®, the innovative plug-and-play reconfigurable robotics systems that can be utilised in your facility for undertaking primary and secondary processes including:

  • Laser Marking
  • Polishing
  • De-Burring
  • Screw insertion
  • And much more

We will also be showcasing Benchpod, the reconfigurable assembly bench, fitted in conjunction with a collaborative robot, which can be utilised for manual assembly including:

  • Operated assisted assembly
  • Process tending
  • Machine tending
  • Collaborative Operations

Benchpod with Cobot

The team is also looking forward to present Mechtech’s  vision for Smart Factory manufacturing and will be available to discuss the Tendapod XL, the revolutionary robotic process tending solution. Tendapod XL’s intelligent control and feature rich HMI enables connectivity to your MES or ERP systems for component tracking and traceability, product or batch confirmation, monitoring and prioritisation, user login access and remote access via a mobile device or desktop pc.

Tendapod Dual

Not only can Tendapod XL tend a primary system such as a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) or CMM (Coordinate Measurement Machines), it can also tend secondary applications for product cleaning, polishing and buffing, gauges and inspection.
Tendapod XL’s key features include:

  • Smallest Footprint
  • AMR Ready
  • Dual Tending (Machines or processes can be tending both sides of the Tendapod XL)
  • Secondary Process Tending
  • Feature Rich Ready User Interface

The Tendapod XL gives you the ability to integrate multiple automated tending machines to work together as one intelligent production line, and further optimise your factory floor space, giving you the ability to run multiple lines at once. The Feature Rich User Interface includes an intelligent tote lift and management system enabling the system to be either manually loaded and unloaded, or automatically with the use of AMRs, whilst the tending system is in operation without delaying or slowing down of the process.

Mechtech is a champion of smart digital manufacturing and we can help you on your transformation journey, leading to increased levels of production, higher component quality, greater profitability, and an elevated level of control of your production.

Visit us on stand number 18-507 to see how we can help you begin your Beyond Smart journey.

Register here for the show, the whole Mechtech team looks forward to seeing you there.