Although COVID-19 case numbers are falling in the UK and lockdown restrictions are due to ease, the demands on the health service continue to grow with mounting pressure on GP’s and hospital staff alike. It seems that demand from patients is intensifying and problems that patients have put on hold and tolerated during the past few months are now coming to the fore.

Never before has there been such a demand for auto injection devices that can be used in the home environment. They allow safe and effective administration of medication outside of a clinic or hospital, which greatly reduces the pressure on NHS staff, especially as they continue to struggle with the post pandemic medical demands. The use of auto injection devices can ultimately save the NHS money as it is particularly costly for a nurse to administer an injection. In comparison if a patient can go to a pharmacy and pick up the device to self-inject at home it is more convenient for the patient and reduces the number of people visiting hospitals. Treatment of chronic diseases, such as Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Crohn’s disease, are most commonly self-administered at home, and prefilled safety syringes and auto injectors are typically used by these patients.

How we can help

In response to the increasing demand, Mechtech Automation Group continues to invest in automation solutions for the medical device sector which includes injection and auto injection devices.

The Mechatronic Assembly Platform (M.A.P.) has been specifically designed with innovative features including a fully programmable pallet transport system to enable exceptional precision, flexibility, repeatability and speed, automated tray feeding, pre-filled syringe (PFS) handling, inline device testing and vision inspection. M.A.P. is seamlessly managed via an intuitive smart factory control system, offering tracking and traceability of batch information and assembly data at your fingertips along with connectivity to your MES or ERP system, resulting in greater visibility of your daily production, ensuring quality and efficiency are built into the manufacturing process.

M.A.P. can be configured for your medical device assembly, test, inspection, labelling and packing activities for a multitude of medical devices including injection, auto- injection, inhalers, vascular devices and diagnostic units.

Mechatronics’ Assembly Platform aims to improve product quality whilst significantly increasing your manufacturing productivity.