Do you want to increase the utilisation of your assets, whilst decreasing your running costs?

Mechtech Automation Group supplies the latest innovation in machine tending, removing your reliance on manual tending. The robotic tending solution can pick and place plastic injection moulded parts onto a conveyor belt to continue to the production process.

Mechtech’s flexible factory solution aims to improve product quality whilst significantly increasing accuracy, performance, and manufacturing productivity. Downtime is greatly reduced when compared to human tending; the robots can operate 24/7, and thus the production can be virtually non-stop. It provides a standard compact robotic solution for tending your injection moulding machines.

It can combine box feeding, interleaf loading, and component bowl feed solutions, to improve productivity and achieve your robot tending/automation goals.

Another advantage is the sustainability as, when the plastic injection moulding process is automated, more components are able to be manufactured, with fewer errors, which generates less overall waste.
Mechtech Automation Group’s robotic tending solution is the perfect solution for your plastic injection moulding business as it begins its automation journey. The compact footprint ensures that your factory floor space is being fully utilised, whilst the flexible design gives you the ability to grow the line as your business grows. You can integrate multiple automated tending machines to work together as one intelligent production line, and further optimise your factory floor space, giving you the ability to run multiple lines at once.

Contact a member of our team today to see how you can increase production and profitability without compromising on space and ultimately safety.

About Mechtech Automation Group
The combination of a bespoke Mechatronic solution with Robopod AMRs including Tendapod can deliver flexible digitised manufacturing solutions for the plastic moulding industry. Established for over 30 years, Mechtech Automation Group, incorporating MechatronicRobopod and MAGserv, is a trusted supplier of innovative, integrated automation solutions to many sectors, including – Medical Device, Industrial, Automotive, Aerospace, Marine and Plastics. By solving manufacturing challenges through our engineering excellence, we help our customers achieve their manufacturing and operational targets, resulting in cost and time efficiencies. Working collaboratively with our customers we develop and manufacture automated solutions that provide economy, speed and quality to any manufacturing production environment.