Newcastle University has established a new Driving the Electric Revolution Industrialisation Centre (DER-IC) following the Government’s announcement last year to invest £30m in a national network of four cutting-edge DER Centres. The DER-IC North East will concentrate on the prototyping and scale-up of power electronics and electric motors.

Mechtech Automation Group is extremely pleased to announce that they have won an order to supply the required technology for the Rotor build system. Mechtech’s winning robotic solution for placing and magnetising rotor assembly is provided by Robopod which can handle rotors up to 240mm in diameter and up to 2400mm in length and of various sizes.

The aim of this machine is to emulate the automated assembly process for a Rotor. The machine will give the operator the option to manually or automatically assembly the Rotor and the ability to trial many technologies including robot handling, glue dispensing, vision inspection and servo pressing.

Tony Parker-Watkins, Sales Director at Mechtech Automation Group comments “We are really pleased to have won this order and to be working with the DER Centre at Newcastle University on such an exciting project. As a company we are committed to helping UK manufacturers achieve their electrification goals. Working collaboratively with our customers we develop and manufacture automated solutions that provide economy, speed and quality to any manufacturing production environment.”