We all know that automation helps businesses reduce their production costs and in turn increase their profits. The reason behind this is that automation improves accuracy within the production process, allowing for the repeatable production of identical parts. Further, when the production process is automated, the need for downtime when the operators are taking a break is almost entirely eliminated. However, a fear many manufactures have is the space that would be occupied by the robot machine tenders, taking up valuable floorspace in their factories.

With the value that factory floorspace has for your business, how you utilise that asset becomes vital. Floorspace utilisation (FSU) is a key aspect to help your business remain profitable and competitive in a global market. FSU is a method of measuring the sales revenue generated per metre square of the factory floorspace. The more metres squared utilised in a way which helps generate income for your business (i.e. production), the greater your FSU.

Factory space is a fixed cost for a business, meaning that it is a cost which does not change regardless of profit increase or loss. Further, if you believe that your business has outgrown the space, choosing to move your business to a larger unit, or extending your current space, can be hugely expensive and time consuming. As your business grows, and your products become more in-demand, the factory floor space in which they are produced becomes more valuable.

Your factory space can be split into three categories: areas which add value (where the production itself occurs), areas which support value (for example show rooms, demo areas, handling, and office spaces), and waste areas (everything else). It is, however, ill advised to streamline your FSU by removing all ‘Waste’, as safety standards and guidelines must be followed, for example having clear and wide escape routes in case of a fire, which, although technically in the ‘Waste’ category, are vitally important.

Thus, to have the greatest profitability in your business, you need an automated solution to your production process, thus reducing human error, the need for downtime, and increasing the replicability of the product, whilst also ensuring that these machines have a compact footprint, to ensure that your floorspace is being used in the most efficient manner.

Mechtech Automation Group has the perfect solution to this dilemma that many manufacturers face! Tendapod, the ultimate robotic process tending solution is unique in that it has been specifically designed to have a compact footprint.

Not only can Tendapod tend a primary system such as a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) or CMM (Coordinate Measurement Machine), it can also tend secondary applications for product cleaning, polishing and buffing, gauges and inspection.

It can tend an array of CNC machine tools (front and side loading), CMM (Coordinate measurement machines), laser marking stations to name a few which ultimately allows you to de-clutter the shop floor, eliminating any waste of space. In fact, the minimum footprint of the Tendapod utilises floor space enabling additional assets to be purchased and installed into your facility.

The key features of Tendapod are:

  • Plug and play robotics
  • Minimum footprint –
    • Tendapod – 720mm x 1200mm
    • Tendapod XL – 850mm x 2000mm
  • Single or Dual tending – (ability to tend two machines (one on each side) with one robot or a single machine and additional secondary processes on the other side)
  • Easily Portable
  • Internal intelligent WIP (work in progress) store
  • Smart Factory Control with Remote access, OEE reporting, batch management and connectivity to your MES or ERP systems.

The Tendapod System is the perfect solution for your business as it begins its automation journey. The compact footprint ensures that your factory floor space is being fully utilised, whilst the flexible design gives you the ability to grow the line as your business grows. You can integrate multiple automated tending machines to work together as one intelligent production line, and further optimise your factory floor space, giving you the ability to run multiple lines at once.

Mechtech’s Tendapod flexible factory solution aims to improve product quality whilst significantly increasing accuracy, performance and manufacturing productivity. Contact a member of our team today to see how you can increase production and profitability without compromising on space and ultimately safety.