Sonopod® – Reconfigurable Ultrasonic Welding of Automotive Trim


Sonopod® Case Study

Reconfigurable Solution for Ultrasonic Welding of Automotive Interior and Exterior Trim

The Client’s Challenge

One of the UK’s major 1st tier automotive suppliers approached Robopod Ltd to solve two challenges:

  • the need to obtain repeatable processing from an operator-dependant process
  • to permanently stake together two prominent trim parts mounted externally on a new vehicle model

The customer, who is familiar with Robopod®‘s reputation for robust solutions, have invested in production equipment to satisfy increased demand for their products as well as improving quality. The planned payback will be within two years.

The Client’s Specific Needs

To ease the production of reliably joining 2 external mouldings for a new automotive model, without any marking to the A surface whilst still being strong enough to resist car washes & external forces. The machine needed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Welding both halves to tight tolerances without debris in the B surface
  • Checking the presence of 5 plastic clips
  • Cutting and disposing of the sprue that remains after moulding
  • Confirming different variants of colour based on end user demand
  • Processing a left and right-hand assembly simultaneously (one car set)

The Robopod® Solution

After detailed consideration of the client’s needs Robopod® selected an existing Sonopod® system which is available off-the -shelf as a standard design.

This allowed the weld points to be quickly and easily positioned from CAD data and integrated onto the existing bolster carriage. The carriage also supports the sensors that are checking the clips, verifying the colours and pneumatic nippers that automatically cut and remove the moulding sprue.

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